20 junho, 2012

Falklands 30 Years Later


British troops marching towards victory in the Falklands in 1982.

The Falkland Islands were found by an English navigator, John Davies, in 1592. In the late 17 Century, Captain Strong landed on the islands, claimed them to Great Britain, and christened them, honouring the Navy Treasurer, Lord Falkland. The British permanently settled the previously deserted and unoccupied archipelago since 1833.

Last, but not least, today’s Falklanders and staunchly British and abhor the idea of forcibly (or otherwise) becoming Argentinians. I strongly sympathize with them.

In April 1982, the United Kingdom government ordered a naval task force to the South Atlantic to get back the islands conquered by Argentina. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher showed great political courage, determination and sense of duty by sending the air-naval expedition, together with an expeditionary corps to face, fight and defeat the Argentinian invaders.

 The British invasion from the landing in Port San Carlos,
 to the capture of Port Stanley.
in Wikipedia.com
The Falklands War was short, but hardly fought with significant loss of life (c. 250 British and 650 Argentinians) and materiel. The British troops prevailed, taking the South Georgia Island and the South Sandwich Islands on the 20 June. On the 14 June, Port Stanley, the Falklands’ capital, was captured by the British troops and the war was over.

Falklands War Memorial in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

Thirty years ago today, on 20 June 1982, the Falklands War was officially terminated. Britannia still ruled the waves in the South Atlantic.

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Anónimo disse...

Hi Miguel

Very poignant article on the anniversary of the end of The Falklands War. And thank you for the reminder that the islands were discovered and settled by the Brits. Just one note, your blog says 20 years, when it is 30 years. I know it was a deliberate mistake to see if I do actually read your blogs, which, of course, I do! In fact I have them on auto-translate so that they come up straight away in English for me ;-)


Rui Miguel Ribeiro disse...

Hi Elaine!

The moment I got the notification of your comment, I rushed to correct the mistake. What a mathematical catastrophe!!!
Thanks for the correction and, especially, for your kind considerations.