10 novembro, 2016

Trump Trumps Clinton


The United States 2016 election Red Map.

What has been consistently labelled an impossibility, a catastrophe, or both for the last 18 months has become reality: Donald trump has won the 2016 election with a comfortable advantage over Hillary Clinton, thus becoming the President elect and the future 45th President of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump not only held to virtually all states won by Mitt Romney in 2012, but he also made good on his word, breaching and then demolishing the so-called Midwest Blue Wall, a set of medium to large states that have been pivotal in the last Democratic election victories. Starting with a single state (Indiana), Mr Trump beat Mrs. Clinton successively in Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, he is still disputing Michigan and almost got Minnesota.

Mr. Trump’s victory is the ultimate popular backlash against a political-economic system that has let down a substantial share of the population, mostly non-college educated whites, stricken by unemployment, bereft of prospects and facing destitution. These Americans rebelled against an establishment they deem corrupt, oblivious of their plight, vastly benefiting an elite and pushing income inequality to ever new heights.

Donald Trump, in spite (or because) of his unorthodox behaviour, rhetoric and policies, managed to convince that electorate of his sincerity and ability to fight the established interests and corruption and to give opportunities to the downtrodden. The fierce and constant criticism from the establishment politicians, media and commentators, only served to reinforce the conviction that Trump was the real thing; otherwise the powers that be would not bother to attack him so viciously. Add to this concoction a well-known but very unpopular Democratic candidate with a trail of suspicious activities and a total lack of candour, and the American electorate was ready to give change a chance.

The result was a clear 31-State, 305-delegate victory for Donald Trump. After defying all odds to become the Republican nominee and defeating even greater odds to become President, Donald Trump will face the ultimate challenge of delivering. If he does, he could go down in History. If he fails, he could go down the drain. Only time will tell.

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