08 maio, 2015

Tory Hunch



The 2010 election exi poll posted on the Big Ben.
in BBC News at www.bbc.com/news

Yesterday before dinner, roughly 3 hours before the exit polls on the UK elections were released, I posted this on Facebook:

I have a hunch that the Tories will fare better than expected and win the election tonight. Let's wait and see....

Then there were the exit polls pointing to a clear Tory victory.

And after a long and exciting electoral night, the Conservatives snatched the absolute majority: 331 MP’s out of 650.

The United Kingdom is back to normal, one-party majority governments.

And we, at Tempos Interessantes, will strive to continue to provide you with good forecasts. Or even a hunch. Let’s call it an educated guess.

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