20 dezembro, 2016

Trump Won. Get Over It!


Donald Trump got a clear victory on the 6th November Presidential Election. As expected and as it should be, he won the Electoral College vote yesterday. And, bar a major health problem or an assassination, Trump will take the oath of office on 20th January 2017.

Excuses, scapegoats, deliriums….everything but critical self-analysis.

However, one had to put up with widespread hysteria from the so-called liberal but non-democratic fringes from academia, media, commentators, politics and some other citizens who would not care about the election outcome; not at all. For this intolerant group, what matters is that they hated the result, thus it cannot be acceptable and, consequently, it has to be overturned.

So, they engaged in all sorts of pathetic antics, ranging from hatred to pseudo-constitutional justifications. The funny thing is that if it were the other way around or if it had happened somewhere else, say in Russia, the protests, the outrage and the name-calling would have reached epic proportions.

By now, this crowd should be reflecting on what went REALLY wrong for Hillary Clinton and themselves. However, that is not going to happen. Most likely, they will spend the next four years sulking and whining, blaming the Russians, the alt-right, the blue-collar workers, the white males, or the Martians who did not turn out to vote. And portraying Trump as the devil on earth, of course.

Tough luck. It is a done deal. Grow up and get over it!

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