13 novembro, 2016

Game Over, Clinton



After decades playing the political game, Hillary Clinton was delivered the political coup de grace just as the long coveted prize of going to the White House as Commander in Chief seemed to be within easy grasp.

Hillary Clinton had qualifications and remarkable experience in politics. Unfortunately, that experience is dotted with scandals, overreach, quid pro quos, shady relations with even shadier characters and a distressing pattern of secrecy, hiding, deflecting, deceiving and lying, all completed by a defiant and unapologetic behaviour.

These flaws probably helped her gain power, leverage and a long political career, but it also garnered her a huge cohort of sworn enemies and not just in the corridors of power: millions of ordinary Americans just could not stand her.

This made it almost inevitable that a time of reckoning would eventually come. And so it did, at the hands of Donald Trump, a man she despised and underestimated, the same way she underestimated Barack Obama in 2008 and Bernie Sanders in this year’s primaries. In the same way she took for granted states and voters who had flocked to vote for her husband and even for Obama in successive elections, but who had had enough in 2016. Notwithstanding, she did not show up in Michigan for the primaries campaign until the weekend prior to the vote and she lost the state to Sanders. Likewise, she did not campaign in Wisconsin, the first major party candidate shunning the state since 1972: she lost the state, the first Democrat to do it since 1984.

Twilight: Hillary Clinton delivers a campaign speech in Detroit, Michigan.
 in ”THE WASHINGTON POST” at www.washingtonpost.com

As in many situations past, Clinton’s story is one of rise, success, hubris, greed and deception that ultimately led to the fall. In her case, I believe this election was the end. Game Over, Hillary Clinton.

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Joaquim de Freitas disse...

Certamente o melhor comentário que li nos últimos dias. O Caro Professor não perdeu nada da sua clarividência politica. Estamos de acordo. Cumprimentos.

Freitas Pereira

Rui Miguel Ribeiro disse...

E o meu estimado amigo não perdeu a sua habitual benevolência própria da amizade e que eu muito prezo.