07 novembro, 2016

Establishment Fatigue and Rejection


Voting “NO” to the establishment is becoming increasingly popular.

The media have spent the better part of the past few years feeling puzzled, shocked and outraged. And the same goes for the political establishment.

They are befuddled by politicians like Marine Le Pen (France), Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn (United Kingdom), Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Beata Szydlo (Poland), Viktor Orban (Hungary) Gert Wilders (The Netherlands), Kristian Thulesen Dahl (Denmark), Jimmie Akesson (Sweden) Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders (USA), Alexis Tsipras (Greece), Catarina Martins (Portugal), Beppe Grillo (Italy), Pablo Iglesias (Spain), Norbert Hoffer and Alexander Van Der Bellen (Austria) winning elections, faring well in the polls, or having some significant degree of success, following or impact.

If these people/parties who are comfortably established in power for decades could just bother to step down from the pedestal for some time and actually see, understand and internalise people’s problems, difficulties, hardships, complaints, fears, ambitions, creeds, goals, maybe they would figure out why the electorate is leaving them them in droves.

If these people/parties could come to terms with the fact that Democracy is NOT about choosing between two different persons/parties with a single platform, but that it is about REALLY choosing between different platforms, policies, paths.

If these people would stop trying to sell the Stalinist idea that there is only one way forward: their own.

If these people would understand that there are millions who cannot stand them, or their parties, or their policies, or their minions anymore.

If these people in the media would stop from sheepishly caving in to the one way, one thought, one policy creed.

If these people and the media would stop being intolerant to those who do not toe the line, their line.

Then maybe, just maybe, they would not be so shocked with, so surprised with, so contemptuous of the reality that is unfolding before their eyes.

Then maybe, just maybe, they would understand that if people do not like the political platform X, they will not vote for it. And if both Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones present X to the electorate, it is only natural and obvious that many people will shun both Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith.

At this point, people have basically four options:

1- They abstain.

2- They return blank ballots.

3- They rebel and overthrow the regime.

4- They vote for an alternative, any alternative which is an actual alternative.

Option 1 is by far the most popular one. Millions of people shun the vote, the elections and the candidates. And their members are generally growing.

Hundreds of thousands, like me, choose option 2 and they are also increasing. It is a more proactive version of option 1.

Option 3 is mostly not a realistic one. At least not yet.

Option 4 is an increasingly popular one. People are growing angrier and more disappointed at the establishment which they view as an undeserving, unbecoming, corrupt elite with obnoxious privileges.

People are aware that Jones & Smith will not introduce any changes. People are fed up, they are mad, they are afraid and many just cannot put up with Jones & Smith anymore.

That voters are even willing to vote for a nutcase instead of the usual parties, speaks volumes of the disgust that mainstream politicians have incurred in much of the electorate. Real change is in order.

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